Strategies to Support OCTO Token Price Stability Post-Launch

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2 min readApr 5, 2024

The launch of a new token often presents challenges in maintaining price stability. The Octoblock project recognizes this and has developed a comprehensive strategy to ensure the stability and sustainable growth of the OCTO token post-launch. This article delves into the multifaceted approach devised by Octoblock contributors to support the token price effectively.

Implementation of a Token Taxation System

  • Objective: Discouraging excessive and rapid selling that can lead to volatility.
  • Mechanism: Imposition of a 2% fee on sellers, directing the fee to the Nautilus Trove Treasury. This fee acts as a deterrent to prevent mass sell-offs that could destabilize the token price.
  • Expected Outcome: Encouraging sellers to hold onto their OCTO tokens, reducing the circulating supply and maintaining price stability.

Aggressive Post-Launch Marketing Campaigns

  • Objective: Raising awareness and stimulating demand for the OCTO token.
  • Mechanism: Engaging in targeted marketing initiatives to attract new buyers and highlight the benefits and future potential of the OCTO token.
  • Expected Outcome: Increased demand and market liquidity for the OCTO token, countering selling pressure and supporting price stability.

Reward Incentives from Nautilus Trove Treasury

  • Objective: Incentivizing token holders to retain their OCTO tokens.
  • Mechanism: Generating rewards for OCTO token holders, exceeding potential short-term gains from selling and encouraging long-term token retention.
  • Expected Outcome: Decrease in selling pressure as token holders accumulate rewards, aiding in maintaining a stable token price.

Potential Token Buyback

  • Objective: Providing a safety net if selling pressure jeopardizes the token’s growth.
  • Mechanism: Conducting token buybacks from the market to reduce excess supply, stabilize the token price, and instill confidence in the token’s long-term viability.
  • Expected Outcome: Reduction of excess supply, stabilization of the token price, and reassertion of control over price stability.

Synergy of Strategies

These strategies are not standalone; they are designed to work in concert to create a robust ecosystem for the OCTO token. The token taxation system aligns with reward incentives, making the act of holding the token more attractive than selling it. Marketing campaigns continuously bring in new interest and investment, increasing the token’s visibility and perceived value. In the face of unprecedented selling pressure, the token buyback serves as a fallback to reassert control over the token’s price stability.

By orchestrating these strategies, Octoblock aims to balance supply and demand post-launch, ensuring the OCTO token’s price stability and sustainable growth. This comprehensive approach underscores the project’s commitment to creating a stable economic environment for their token from the outset.



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