Unveiling Octoblock’s Tiered Bonus Token Event for Early Supporters

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3 min readApr 22, 2024

Octoblock is celebrating the monumental success of its project by rolling out an exclusive bonus token event, designed to show gratitude towards its early backers. This special event offers a tiered bonus structure, enabling new investors to earn additional Octoblock tokens based on the amount they contribute. This initiative reflects Octoblock’s commitment to rewarding its community’s support and enthusiasm.

Tiered Bonus Structure: Maximizing Rewards

The bonus event introduces a dynamic tiered structure, allowing participants to receive a varying percentage of bonus tokens relative to their investment level. Here are the details of the tiered bonus rates:

  • 100% Bonus for $150 Contributions: Invest $150 in Octoblock tokens and receive a 100% bonus, doubling your tokens.
  • 150% Bonus for $250 Contributions: A $250 investment boosts your bonus to 150%, significantly increasing your token count.
  • 200% Bonus for $350 Contributions: Elevate your investment to $350 to secure a 200% bonus, tripling your token acquisition.
  • 250% Bonus for $450 Contributions: Maximize your investment with $450 to receive the highest tier of a 250% bonus, offering an unparalleled increase in tokens.

Event Guidelines: Ensuring a Smooth Participation

To participate in this tiered bonus event, investors must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Eligibility: This tiered bonus is exclusively available for new purchases of Octoblock tokens during the event period. Previous purchases, prior to this announcement, do not qualify for the bonus.
  • Event Duration: The bonus will be active during phase 4 of the Octoblock presale. The opportunity lasts until the phase’s conclusion, determined by either the countdown timer’s end or the sell-out of all phase tokens.
  • Verification Process: Participants are required to submit their transaction (TXN) and order number to Octoblock staff for a manual review. It’s critical to remember that Octoblock prioritizes the security of its contributors; thus, support staff will never request sensitive personal information or request fund transfers to specific wallets.

Balancing Generosity with Stability

Octoblock’s strategic approach ensures the project’s stability and growth, even while offering such generous bonuses. Here’s how Octoblock maintains this balance:

  • Calculated Bonus Allocations: The tiered bonus event is the result of thorough planning by Octoblock contributors, aimed at enhancing the community’s value without compromising the project’s integrity.
  • Price Stability Measures: Funds have been allocated for token buybacks to preserve price stability, showcasing Octoblock’s commitment to protecting its ecosystem.
  • Treasury and Payout Growth: With a rapidly growing treasury, Octoblock is able to increase payouts, encouraging long-term holding among token holders.
  • Minimal Circulating Supply Impact: The bonus tokens represent a minor portion of the total circulating supply, ensuring the market’s value remains unaffected.
  • Future Liquidity and DeFi Integration: Octoblock is actively pursuing integration into major yield farming and DeFi ecosystems, promising enhanced liquidity and broadening the utility of its tokens.


Octoblock’s tiered bonus token event is an exciting opportunity for new investors to significantly enhance their contributions, thanks to the project’s gratitude towards its early supporters. This initiative not only rewards the community but also aligns with Octoblock’s strategic vision for sustained growth, stability, and integration into the broader DeFi landscape. As the project evolves, its early supporters are set to benefit from their commitment to Octoblock’s innovative journey.

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